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понедельник, 1 апреля 2013 г.

A man who loves you.

When one day you will meet a man who will love you, you will find ... Himself ... Order itself, which is a long time ago you hid from everyone, and first of all from himself. You will find that myself, which almost do not remember ... and already ... do not know ... At the beginning of your meeting you will see only some vaguely familiar sparks suddenly flashed in his eyes, something seemed familiar to his intonations and a smile ... Something forgotten ... vaguely familiar ... something ... Incredulous recognition soon awaken your longing to which you are so used .. that almost ceased to notice it ... It will wake it and nothing strange inexplicable nostalgia, living in the depths of ... Inexplicable, because there is no reason for such a sad ... But here it is living inside. And once this longing suddenly explode and crush all your beliefs and resistance will break into your mind, fill it completely, displacing the stun you all and demand to "return" ... return something ... something given to you - by birthright. And then, dazed, lost and crushed the power to do so you ... remember ... whom this longing. And from that moment on will not be able to forget that voice ... You will not be able to resist, because you wake up love. Over time, you will see all itself ... all its beauty and imperfection, all the greatness and insignificance, all his strength and all the pain. You will see how you are beautiful, and know how deep your pain. The thing is that you meet a man who will love you for who you are, and at the same time to present to you the highest demand - be yourself. You will meet people who will love you more than you love yourself.