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воскресенье, 17 марта 2013 г.

competition rhetoricians (Man! Think, for what is our land? )

Recently, I participated in the contest rhetoricians. The first time I participated in such competitions. Since I do not like the competition, which I need to talk to people. I'm a lot easier to write Olympics Environment in two or three rounds of written, rather than once to speak in public. You can download that I have stage fright. This year's competition was dedicated declared "Year of the Environment" in Russia. His first tour was the fact that the participants presented prevetstvennoy a speech to the audience. Here is the text of my greeting:

Man! Look around you! As huge as infinite world surrounding you! Universe, galaxy, solar system, Earth! Our beautiful Earth!  

Earth is the third planet in our solar system, the fifth largest. She is the only one of its kind!  

We live in the world, the name of which the biosphere. But she, in turn, is a small particle of the great universe. Our house is only a tiny corner of the immense space. And you're bound to feel a particle of this vast universe. You should know that there was in the process of development of the biosphere, and as the apotheosis of this development - you have found the mind, get away with it the ability to foresee the result of their actions and to influence events that happen around, and, hence, that occurs in universe.   

The emergence and development of modern environmental problems associated with over-consumption of natural resources, pollution of the environment. I believe that this is a consequence of the global crisis of personality, which manifests itself in the growth of aggressiveness, violence, a lack of responsibility to future generations to the natural environment in the world.  

Earth - our planet! This is our home, where we live humanity. Earth is our mother, she gives us food, air and water as a source of strength and inspiration.  

Man! Think, for what is our land? That millions of people in it, there are millions of "I", and only the future of our planet will be a light, serene and happy, if each of us will take care of your home, your land, only when say to himself:

"I - part of my land!"