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четверг, 4 апреля 2013 г.

I'm confused!

For several years, the main attraction of Togliatti is not only a giant "AvtoVAZ" but maloprimetny monument Avtozavodsky dog ​​on the outskirts of the district. Seven years of waiting for his loyal dog who died in a car crash on the street of the hosts ...
It was first noticed on the side of the road back in 1995. Medium-sized, solid build with a squeal Shepherd rushed under the wheels of oncoming vehicles. Car left, and the dog remained. She is a devoted and loving soul, did not know that those whom she so desperately waiting for her to come back ever.
In the summer of 1995, shortly before the appearance of a dog in the Southern Highway, in the same place there was a car accident. Cherry car in which the couple returned from their honeymoon, faced with oncoming cars. Of all the passengers remained intact only dog. During the attack the dog simply thrown out of the car. Young wife died before the arrival of the doctors. After a few hours in the emergency room and the man died. A dog and waited for it to the point where last seen alive.

Dog owner did not give up. More precisely the place where I saw him last. He waited, waited for the owner to come. 7 years, in the heat and cold, the dog guarding the last refuge of the owner. Only a few months of dirty, skinned dog noticed by local residents. The dog was given the nickname Constantine ("permanent", "true"). Everyone expected a little more - and the dog will forget about what happened. But every day, again and again he threw himself on the opposing cars. And just cherry pick "nine", "Boss is back!". But the car sped by.
When he found dead in the woods, began to talk about what Kostya fell under the wheels of large "Kamaz", and the driver, fearing the people's anger, so "concealed evidence." But no sign of violent death was found. Dogs often move, sensing the approach of death, not to die in front of their owners. Faithful and went into the woods, so that the owner came back and I saw him dead. Dog was sure that sooner or later the owner comes. There can not come. And why wait until the last ...
This was unfortunate news for all citizens, and the dog loved it for some time been able to become a living legend of the city. For lack of initiative and personally, in memory of psec residents placed at the roadside memorial shield with the inscription: "The dog, teach us love and devotion." From that day he became a symbol of Togliatti and imitated his loving fidelity owners. This shield is constantly blown away by the wind and it is often broken vandals. Then came the public Togliatti an initiative to put real bronze statue of Constantine. The monument, in fact, no dog is more, and the people themselves. To be remembered. We collected 250 thousand. Ulyanovsk sculptor Oleg Klyuyev sculpted in bronze dog. In 2003, the Day of Togliatti monument installed. And now stood on the sidelines is no longer alive, and the bronze dog. Half meter tall sculpture installed on a granite pedestal so that the passing on South Highway impression that the dog turns his head after a passing car.