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среда, 3 апреля 2013 г.

Information about the village in which I live. His name - Linets

Decided to talk a little bit about the place in which I live.

Linets - a village in Zheleznogorsk Kursk Oblast, Russia, the administrative center of Linz village council. Located 29 kilometers south of Highway Zheleznogorsk Fatezh - Dmitriev. Also through Linets is the main route of traffic from Zheleznogorsk to Kursk. Resident population - 363 people (2010). Altitude - 183 m 
Through the village brook Lence, left tributary Usozhi.

In 1862, in Linz lived 597 people (320 males and 277 females), there were 46 houses, acted: Orthodox church, post office and mill. Also took place in the village fair. 
By 1877 the number of inhabitants of Linz increased to 785 yards - 125. In the village at the time appeared Zemstvo school, 10 mills, three inns.
Until the 1920s, the village was part of the parish Demetrius Fatezhskogo County.

The village has three streets:

In the 70 years in Linz high school has learned over three hundred children. In 2010 - 11 children. In 2011 the school closed.