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четверг, 4 апреля 2013 г.

Jack, who was in heaven.

It was not so long ago. In September, approximately. I was coming back from school and suddenly to me podoschel dog. He was soaking wet from the rain and thin from hunger. I thought I could take him home. Well, I came home, fed the dog, washed it. Named Jack. When the parents returned from work, the dog ran around the house because of fear that the Pope was very angry that I took a dog from the street. The next day, Jack somehow prischel to my school. Although I live far away. After class Jack and I went to Pet Supplies to buy a collar and food. I persuaded my mother to Jack lived with us a week until we find the owner. And a month Jack I followed and met me at school. In December, Jack became ill right near my school. My friends and I tried to save him and did it! It turned out that Jack was bitten by mastiff. We take care of Jack more than ever. Today, Jack passed away ... They say all dogs go to heaven. Jack was there...