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четверг, 4 апреля 2013 г.

Charity water

In March 2012, the world has passed the World Water Forum, a gathering of 20,000 people from 140 countries. The forum often sounded name Rachel Bekvis - nine students from the United States, who died in a car accident. Thanks to this little girl received help thousands of people dying of thirst and disease. The UN estimates that one in ten of the world suffers from the lack of clean water.

It all started with the fact that in Seattle, where she lived nine-year-old Rachel, came to lecture the head of a charitable organization «Charity water» Scott Harrison. She saw footage of hundreds of emaciated people drank water from puddles and swamps. She learned that 4.5 thousand children die every day from terrible diseases because of this water, and decided that has to help.

With the mother's online charity Rachel create a page where requested all who know her, do not give her a birthday dolls and dresses, and donate money to save the children. She wanted to raise $ 300 to 15 people would have access to clean water.

After a few weeks on the road in Seattle faced 20 cars. One of them was Rachel's family - the girl did not survive.

However, the history of the last will of the child has flown from the U.S., but the whole world, and in a few days has raised over 100 thousand dollars. "Then, 300 thousand, 400 thousand dollars, and then we stopped to understand what is happening," - said Harrison.

Children from different countries asked parents to transfer money to the account of Rachel.

It was finally collected 1.2 million dollars. That was enough to save not 15 and 60 thousand.

It is worth adding that the girl grows twice and cut her hair to give them on bald wigs for children with cancer, and after the death of her organs in an accident saved the life of another person.

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