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четверг, 9 мая 2013 г.

Memories of childhood .... part of the world Aniyat Mirhan. English version

I spent my childhood in a small village at the time (although there were already 2000 different years), we had an old TV that often broke, and if they worked, showed that all of the program and then 2-3 with interference. Mobile phones and computers I have certainly not been at all this free time I spent walking in the street. In the summer my friends and I went to pick berries and mushrooms, also loved to go fishing, I mainly fished using "spider", bringing home on a package of small and sometimes quite decent fish. With a fishing rod I did not like to mess around, and be honest, she was afraid of worms and I was sorry for them and stick to the contrary hook, I never once planted a single worm on a hook, for me it's done boys. I was also annoyed waiting for the fish to bite, the process of fishing I did not relax, and just put out, so I just simply leave your fishing pole boys and they fished it for me, and I at this time shlyndala somewhere on village finding more and more classes.
How many people tell me I had the gift of persuasion, from early childhood, instantly placing people with him, even forced them to do what I needed. For example, I once found a home herbalist and seriously fascinated by the collection of different herbs at me they had a whole bag as a doctor, but instead of medication - herbs. One day I read that the lower stem bulrush, when he is young, you can eat it and even useful, now I do not remember anything. So, I forced him to try almost all of my friends. But no one is indignant, all alive and well. At the same time, I learned to plant trees, I came out well.
My grandmother and all other medical career off to me. I am constantly dragged home injured birds, dogs, cats and all the rest. For example, once the summer on the field I found a pigeon, it is likely attacked kite, he had a small wound on the wing and he looked like a plucked chicken, I did not have a lot of feathers. Houses for me of course a little to shout but I still dragged him home. Houses handled his wound with hydrogen peroxide, brilliant green and some ointment from festering. It helped in two weeks he oklemalsya and disappeared back home as soon as possible.
I have lived and crows, I picked it up in the bushes near the house, was already winter, and it shows very cold, I do not know what happened to him in general, he was a retarded and could not fly, but the wings were like okay. At home, I spent it all week, until slightly moved away, and then I was forced to evict him in the barn, and there he remained until the spring, I just brought him something to eat and drink.
But the important thing is that I do not remember very nice, but I often recall I often dissected dead birds, now I'm a little uncomfortable to recall it, but in 5 years I have seen very interesting, I even had a knife and a small knife, as well as a needle and thread. For me always watched my best friend, she was older than me, but  never dared to repeat my "experiments". Probably I seriously intended to become a surgeon :-)

At 5 years old, I wrote my first poem dedicated July, there were only 8-9 lines, but for me and others like it.
In the six years I have a new hobby - reading and basically I only read non-fiction books I have is whole series of books on Egyptology and the history of the countries of South America. I read them with pleasure and enthusiasm that I still remember their content. And then I even outlined the true with a lot of mistakes and clumsy hand (although this is not changed). I wanted to be an Egyptologist, well, if at least a historian.
My friends and summer until the night playing catch-up heels, until the parents drove us home. A winter sledding down the hills, which we filled with water, so that the resulting ice. They built towns and snow sculptured snowmen. In the spring and during the summer rains I just loved to run barefoot through the puddles, the water there was warm and pleasant. ....
                                                                              (To be continued ....)