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суббота, 25 мая 2013 г.

The English version of the second chapter of his novel.

 ( The English version of the second chapter of his novel. The second chapter of my novel. Read, you may be interested. Comments are very welcomeI apologize for the terrible translation.)                                      


                                                     Chapter 2: Morning.

     Barely opened his eyes, still not completely awake, I immediately felt a sharp headache. Last night I slept very badly because of all the thoughts of yesterday before going to bed. Sometimes I think I think too much, scoring his brains all heresy such nonsense.   I am 16 years old, two years later I had the surgery and pick up a pair, and if I'm lucky, and I am gathering good scores on the final assessment, and will make a good impression on the commission CPS and CPT, we also get into a university, postponing their marriage by 4 - 5 years. This is a very tempting prospect, given my fear of marriage. While there may be after surgery, I will not be so badly to take it personally, because it is our duty to long and to nurture our society. Especially it is not a bad thing, given my appearance and origin. It seems to me that I'm not as pretty as the other girls in my class, but the whole school.  

They are all, with few exceptions, beautiful, tall and slender in a measure, with fine blond hair and blue or gray eyes. I no it does not fit into their view of the world, rising 175, at times I feel like a real giant, because it is terribly confused and complex. Red hair, almost carrot-colored, reaching to the shoulders, always naughty, and clean up after scrolling to the unimaginable. The eyes of unknown color, not brown, but not green. It's like they could not decide what to be. And to all this we must add my ugly figure.   Phew! Finally overcame his desire to go back to bed and go to sleep, I went into the bath. Maybe even a cool shower and a little cheer me clear my mind. 

Today at school Edu, I expect 5 + 2 elective classes.
1. History.
2. The foundations of peace and religion.
3. Beginner's course in economics.
4. Sociology.
5. General mathematics.

Well, in between 1 and 2 and 3-4 lessons we held a prayer break. We're all going to church at the school lab and pray.Elective course on the basis of family life are required to attend all. It is mandatory for all, as for the girls in our school, and for the guys in the men's School Edu.

The second is elective. I visit the section of Dramatic Art. A selection of roles, memorizing monologues and, of course, the game is on the scene. How I love it! While playing, I can live many lives at once. While reading, I was doing the same thing. Performing Arts attracts me very much, soothing. In addition, in this elective I can linger late, up to the last hour before the commandant of time.Home I was not in a hurry, there is nothing good I can not wait.